Steve Rubel Speaks (Finally)

Steve Rubel has broken his silence on the NY Times story and subsequent controversy concerning his new employer (Edelman), a client (Wal-Mart) and certain bloggers. Personally, I'm giving Steve the benefit of the doubt because I know he's a stand-up guy. And I think that given this recent controversy, Edelman needs someone like Steve internally to effect some real change there and make transparency the guiding principle at that agency.

I think Steve is just getting up to speed with his new gig, so it's obvious he wasn't involved with the whole Wal-Mart flap. I just hope that more Steve rubs off on Edelman than Edelman rubs off on Steve.

And I'm glad that Steve did post something about the controversy because leaving it unaddressed would have made folks think that there was more there than met the eye.