The Subconscious Is A Funny Thing

Tuesday morning at about 5:15 AM, my clock radio went off per usual. This time, though, the usual traffic, news and weather reports on 880 AM were replaced by something else - a Yankee game broadcast. Obviously, my subconscious had a bit of difficulty in reconciling the notion of a Yankee game at 5:15 in the morning.

We've been spending quite a few evenings working past midnight at Underscore recently, so the first thought to go through my head was, "That's it. I've finally flipped out. My body has simply shut down and I've slept through the day and it's probably about 7 in the evening. What the hell am I going to tell my clients and my partners? They're probably going to want to know why I didn't show up for work."

So I rolled over in bed, opened one eye, and looked at the clock. Turns out I hadnt slept in and I wasn't crazy. I had just been listening to the Yankee season opener at the Tokyo Dome, which was broadcast at this ungodly hour due to the time difference. Cue major sigh of relief.