Buying Around Best Buy

So I went to Union Square during lunch today to try to find the stuff I was going to buy at Best Buy yesterday when I got carded. Circuit City had a better telephone at nearly half the price.

EBGames had both PSP games I wanted at the same price. No annoying waiting for the cashier to remove the anti-theft devices (they didn't have any) and no requests for ID.

BTW, a few people asked me what the offending M-rated game was. It was "Midway Arcade Treasures," which contains emulations of 20-something coin-op video games that Midway put out. Included in that are the three Mortal Kombat games, which are rather gory. (I'm assuming that these are the offending games within the compilation. For all I know, someone could have a problem with Joust or Marble Madness.)

So, mission accomplished. And I got my phone for $50 instead of $90.