An End to the Bleacher Creatures?

Link Good article on the Disneyfication of ballparks.

I can understand the introduction of family sections. That makes sense to me. But eliminating the rowdy fans entirely? Nah. Sometimes we like to be drunken idiots.

Some of us grew up that way. I was used to sitting in the cheap seats until I got my first job in advertising. I often tell a story about when Mark Westlake worked for The Sporting News and gave me and my friends the four best seats in Yankee Stadium. They were so close you could reach out and touch the field. And I forgot just how close I was, to the point that when I heckled Derek Jeter for making a rare error, he shot me the dirtiest of looks.

The truth is, sometimes we like to sit away from the people with young children and the suited business executives taking clients out. We want to drink beer, yell like hell and carry on like neanderthals. Sometimes. That ability should be preserved and occasionally celebrated, not marginalized.