Taking an Inventory of Computers

So Lauren and I were talking last night about the junk I currently possess. One thing is clear - there will not likely be room for all the computers I own. Currently inventory is:

  1. P4 desktop running XP Pro (my main home PC)
  2. Mac Mini with all my home recording gear hooked up to it.
  3. Old G3 Mac running OS9 (awaiting CDs for OSX installation)
  4. P3 desktop running SUSE Linux 9.1
  5. Another P3 desktop running SUSE Linux 9.1 (my environment for learning PHP/testing PHP code)
  6. Homebuilt file server running XP Pro
  7. Toshiba widescreen laptop (rebuilt after a hard drive crash)

Then there are the parts. I've got an old rackmount case that was my next server project. I can probably sell it, but I have tons of other video cards, sound cards, modems, NIC cards and other crapola lying around in various states of build. If I had any sense, I'd throw most of this stuff out, but here's my problem with that: Immediately after I throw out a computer part, I alway have a need for it a couple days later, and end up going to CompUSA to pay good money for what I just threw out. I hate it when that happens.

Maybe I could build a few PCs and donate them to relatives who need to get e-mail and surf. Hmmm...