ClickZ Links to Calacanis' Criticism of Sales Team

Zachary Rodgers at ClickZ points out Jason Calacanis criticizing his own sales team for failing to sell in E3 sponsorships on Joystiq. I like Jason's transparency. The post begs the question, though: Does it make sense for bloggers to have 'editorial calendars' if they know they're going to be covering specific events every year? Something like that would make it easier for sponsors to get on board.

I ask because the notion of an editorial calendar seems to give some of the blog networks the heebie jeebies. Maybe if you know that you're going to be doing event coverage regularly, it might make sense to at least do a sales one-sheeter so that ad sales folks can speak to advertisers and agencies beforehand. (BTW, I have no idea whether Jason or the AOL folks do this already.)