IDC, LiverPerson White Paper Has A Funny Definition Of "Engagement Marketing"

From a white paper that I downloaded a couple minutes ago:

Engagement marketing requires four key elements to succeed: * An ability to identify high-potential visitors while on a site * A framework for engaging those visitors at the right time with the right message * An engagement support staff well trained in e-sales and e-service skills * Robust reporting to assess and finesse engagement marketing programs on a continuous basis

I beg to differ. To me, engagement requires:

* A human voice, rather than machines * Conversations, not "messages" * A willingness to talk to ALL customers, rather than just the ones seen as "high-potential."

IMHO, engagement can't be faked. Yes, we can use technology and machines to help us, but we can't let those machines take the place of legitimate dialogue, or let them replace real conversation with pushed "messages."