Blink Better Be Good

Chase sent me a new debit card last week, which I activated today. I was a bit tweaked, because my old debit card was a Mastercard and didn't expire until 2009. The new Visa card has a new number, which will necessitate changing my card info at a few websites and calling to change at least two recurring monthly bills. Oh, well. Anyway, this card supposedly has Blink in it, which is evidently some sort of method for buying stuff without swiping the card. I can't imagine who might be so lazy that they consider having to swipe their debit card some sort of chore. I guess we'll see how convenient it can be.

But for right now, I'm updating my billing information with a few online services. I think it's kind of a chafe that Chase would force me to update my debit card with a different type so soon, and with so much time left before the existing card expires.