Accuracy Trumps Speed (Or At Least It Should)

I'm going to throw a suggestion out there to folks who liveblog events: Perhaps transcribing quotes, paraphrasing what people are saying, adding one's own thoughts and keeping up with the conversation are too many things to be doing at one time. Without naming names, I've seen some of the liveblogged posts from the Annenberg hyperlinking conference, and they're quite inaccurate. Some of them don't even make sense. I think that maybe this might be an area where blogging can borrow from traditional journalism. Use your laptop to take notes and transcribe, then write the story when you have a chance to add your own thoughts and self-edit a bit. And don't worry that the guy frantically typing away next to you is going to get something up first. If he posts anything like some of the liveblogged posts I've recently seen, you won't have anything to worry about.