The 8/6 PDB: Looks Like a Smoking Gun to Me

Condoleeza Rice may not have lied about the contents of the 8/6 PDB, but given what is contained in that memo, she might as well have.

Although the memo didn't warn specifically of the tactic of using planes as missiles, it does warn that hijackings were possible (to secure the release of Islamic militants, including Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman). It also warns of possible attacks on U.S. soil involving explosives and calls attention to Osama Bin Laden's support network in the U.S. All of this runs under the heading of a warning of possible attacks in the U.S.

Somebody tell me how this memo wasn't enough to warrant action in the U.S. At the very least we should have seen increased security at the airports. I understand the pre-9/11 context and that hindsight is 20/20, but does our government make a regular habit of dismissing reasonably credible information about serious threats, particularly when that information lines up in such a fashion as to suggest that something big is on the horizon?