AccuQuote Conversational Marketing Campaign Launched Yesterday

We launched a campaign yesterday designed to get interested people to talk one-on-one with our clients at AccuQuote. The campaign uses ads as conversation-starters, much like the Ford Bold Moves campaign that launched last week. The difference here is that AccuQuote is really committed to the conversation. Prior to the launch of this campaign, AccuQuote e-mailed a bunch of its existing customers, asking them to visit this thread and comment on their customer service experience. Seventy-nine comments later (as of this posting), AccuQuote wrote several incremental policies, mostly by dealing with concerns voiced by their customers.

AccuQuote also plans to tell its customers how they're taking the feedback that they get and change how they do business (for the better). The difference between what AccuQuote is doing and what a lot of other companies are doing in Conversational Marketing is that Accuquote is really listening, and they're backing that up with action. Anecdotally, I can tell you that AccuQuote's Sean Cheyney is taking a lot of the feedback from customers and making changes with respect to how often existing customers are contacted to review coverage. There are a lot of other things AccuQuote is learning - we're going to be posting about this in the coming weeks, so you'll have a lot more detail.

What's important is that in order to do this right, a company has to commit to the conversation, and show their customers that they care rather than simply tell them. I think Sean and his team are doing quite well.

More later...