Poll: Bearded Tom or Smooth Tom

Cousin Al sez:

I just looked at the photo next to the Hespos logo, and realized that the photo of Bearded Tom has been replaced by a new photo. Smooth Tom.

I like Bearded Tom better. I think the people need a voice on this matter.

So I am hereby declaring that it's time for a vote.

Do we want Smooth Tom? A symbol of corporate conformity, with an earthtone shirt, shiny cheeks and a friendly smile?

Or do we want Bearded Tom? A fresh face that stands out from the masses of sameness, hulking over the marketing industry with a watchful eye, blowing whistles at inane marketers from behind a mysterious dark sportsjacket?

Do we want Mr. Rogers, or Pee Wee Herman?

Do we want Katie Couric, or Jack Bauer?

Do we want Alan Alda, or Robert DeNiro?

Perry Como, or Trent Reznor?

Cast your vote.

It's about time Al noticed. It's been a few months since the photo changed.

Rationale for the change:

  1. I liked Bearded Tom better, too, but Bearded Tom was also Pre-South Beach Tom, which is 50 lbs. heavier than the current Tom.

  2. It's been established that Bearded Tom's beard was there only to hide Bearded Tom's double chin, which is now mostly gone.

  3. Smooth Tom is a better hit with the ladies. Bearded Tom got poor reviews. Smooth Tom got his pic out on Match.com and was engaged within 8 months. Coincidence?
So, Smooth Tom won out. Smooth Tom will also soon debut on Mediapost and other trade publications for which I write.

Cast your votes in comments...