Tom Deierlein Update

Michael Spitalnik posted this to the Old Timers List:

Tom Deierlein was shot by a sniper in East Baghdad on Saturday, September 9. The bullet entered his left hip and shattered part of his left rear pelvis, sacrum and right rear pelvis. He has full sensation in both legs with some nerve damage to his left leg. He is currently at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Silver Springs, MD. While some of his injuries are significant, he is stable and in good spirits. For the next 3 months he will be involved in physical and neurological rehabilitation before the doctors can begin any reconstructive surgery on his pelvis.

At the time of the assault, Tom, as Civil Affairs officer, was working hard on the focus stabilization of the Sunni area called Adhamiyah (which you may have been reading about in the newspapers). In the 2 weeks prior he’d been focused on improving the schools, hospitals and health clinics as well as the sewage, water and electrical systems of this small part of Baghdad.

You’ll start to hear from him in the next couple of weeks as he settles into his rehabilitation and is able to connect to the Internet. He is very thankful for the prayers, love and support that he’s been receiving from both within and outside the industry.

We will continue to send updates as we learn more.

(Michael granted his permission to re-post this here.)

I just want to remind everyone that you can post your message to Tom at this site.