Me In Conversational Marketing Piece On iMedia

Nanette Marcus of interviewed John Battelle, Mark Naples, Jackie Huba and me about the topic of Conversational Marketing. I'm starting to use stronger language in presentations and interviews when I talk about Conversational Marketing, and I'm hoping to get marketers' attention so that I can drive home a few key points:

  1. Conversational Marketing and Word Of Mouth Marketing are two different things. In fact, they're polar opposites if you're talking about the piece of Word Of Mouth Marketing that uses agents (disclosed or undisclosed - doesn't matter).
  2. Marketers who aren't prepared to listen should stay the hell away from social media entirely.
  3. If you're adapting broadcast-model thinking to social media, you're not doing it correctly, and your brand will suffer.

Anyway, go read the piece. And if you feel so inclined, leave questions and commentary in the comments on this thread.