And George Was Smote Such A Buffet That He Was Unhorsed...

G-Dubya in military dress,
preparing to lead his crusaders
into battle

I forgot to add something to my prior post about the Bush press conference. What the heck is all this nonsense about freedom being a gift to the world's people from The Almighty and it being America's obligation to spread freedom? Well, George, if you're intent on a crusade, you're looking for the Sangrail in the wrong place. If your true motives are securing freedom for oppressed people (and not securing cheap oil for Americans and more no-bid contracts for Halliburton), can I suggest a few other places you might want to launch a crusade?

How about the Sudan, where the Janjaweed militia is killing upwards of 1,000 innocent people a week? Or how about all those other countries in the Middle East where torture is commonplace, like Egypt and Saudi Arabia? Or maybe we should start on the homefront, where I don't feel particularly free with schmucks like Colin Powell Junior and Asscroft running around trying to censor content that I like, or with seizure laws that allow police officers to legally steal my car if they think I smoked a doobie in it?

No, Mr. President, we don't need a crusade here. As much as we like it, we can't say with a straight face that western democracy equates to freedom. Nor can we assume it's a moral imperative to spread our values all over the known world in the name of God-given freedom. And stop acting like Sir Galahad trying to track down the Sangrail at all costs - not only is it not feasible for us to free the entire oppressed world, but it's not appropriate. So quit the crusade language, will you?