For Crovello Victims

John Crovello will appear before Judge John J. Toomey on December 4, 2006. He has been charged with Grand Larceny. I have uploaded a letter that victims of Crovello can download and mail (via certified mail) to the judge and the District Attorney's office. The letter asks the judge to kindly make monies stolen from victims part of the restitution imposed in Crovello's sentence.

If you are a victim, download the letter here.

If you do download the letter and choose to send it, please drop me a note in comments (if you like) to let me know.

You should not construe this as legal advice. I am not an attorney. But I do hope this is helpful. My take is that you won't benefit from this if you haven't logged your complaints with the District Attorney's Office in Suffolk County. Your mileage may vary.