Philosophical Question of the Day

A blurry picture of Jimmy's
Darth Vader Talking Bank,
which he keeps in the office

Jim was giving me the history of the Darth Vader Talking Bank, which launched us into a conversation about toys.

"I wonder if you're reunited with all your old toys when you die and go to heaven," I hoped aloud.

"No doubt," said Jim. "That would be hot."

When I croak, I hope to be reunited with my Star Wars AT-AT. Regrettably, its demise came when I was 15 and went through the mandatory "Let's blow everything up with fireworks" teenage phase.

Some other toys I'd like to be reunited with in the afterlife: Microvision, the G.I. Joe hovercraft, all my Stomper 4X4s, Head to Head Electronic Football and my radio controlled R2D2.