Some Thoughts on Second Life

Right before lunch, Eric asked me "So, should we open a branch office in Second Life?" Of course, my initial reaction was "Nah, it's been done."  So we started kicking around some ideas for what we might do in Second Life.  Some of the ideas I was kicking around:

  • Opening up an office, but doing something completely unrelated to what we do IRL.  ("Hi, we're Underscore Marketing.  Would you like to buy some rubber dog shit?")
  • Buying a deluxe island next to Jaffe's, doing it up medieval style, building a bunch of trebuchets and hurling massive rocks at Crayonville.  (Note: We love Jaffe.  We love Crayon.  I was just entertaining my troublemaker side.)
  • Forming some sort of illegal arms trading cartel.  (That's where the big bucks are.)

Of course, had I actually spent any time in Second Life, I would have known that lobbing rocks at Crayonville would be a big no-no.  So, over lunch, I set up an account, downloaded the client and started messing around.  Some things I discovered...

  1. It's really easy to accidentally pick a female avatar.
  2. Once you accidentally pick a female avatar, the process of giving yourself a sex change isn't very intuitive.
  3. If you accidentally pick a female avatar, really annoying people will start following you around trying to kiss you.
  4. Once you give yourself a sex change, the annoying people stop trying to kiss you and instead say nasty things to you in chat.
  5. I couldn't find the BFG on this map.  If I had, the aforementioned annoying people would have been administered gratuitous beatdowns.
  6. Everybody seems to know what they're doing except me.  I saw somebody sitting on a bench and wanted to test my skillz by sitting on the bench next to her.  Instead I accidentally climbed up on the bench, prompting her to Whiskey Tango Foxtrot me.
  7. I can't figure out how to put an Underscore logo on my T-shirt.  I tried.  SL doesn't like my logo file uploads for some reason.
  8. My computer lets out an audible whimper when I try to run Second Life, Outlook 2007 Beta and Photoshop 7.1 at the same time.

That is all, for now.  I will mess with this stuff some more over the weekend.