Milestone Coming Up

I just realized I have a milestone coming up.  But I need your help. On March 31, 2008, I'll celebrate the 10-year anniversary of my online media column.  The first column I ever wrote for a site other than my own was about defining ad views and it appeared in "Who's Marketing Online?" on March 31, 1998.  I was recruited to write for WMO by Charlie Sayers, and then the site was quickly bought by ClickZ (announcement on the old O-A list here).

So the writing has spanned 10 years, with columns appearing weekly first in WMO, then ClickZ, then Mediapost and now iMedia Connection. Here's my problem...  I can't seem to find a copy of that first column anywhere.  Here's a column that used to link to it, but the link is dead now.

Maybe somebody from ClickZ will read this and be able to dig it up.  Or maybe it exists somewhere in the deepest recesses of the Intarwebs.  I'm sure I've got it on an old hard drive somewhere, but my patience for playing the IDE cable bingo is pretty much nil.