Ripe Digital INFront

Ripe Digital Upfront

I went to Ripe Digital's INFront last night, to see what programming they have in store for advertisers. Since they're an agency client, I had an inkling, but it was good to see a formal presentation so it could be brought to life. The RipeTV network served up over 85MM videos in 4Q 2007, which was an increase of 80%. So it looks like Ripe is on an upswing and people are digging the content. Speaking of the content, I was lmao at the concept of "Jack With The Box," where a guy stays in a small box (probably about the same size as my first NYC apartment) for 30 days. If he can stay in there for the duration, he gets $100K. Meanwhile, viewers can interact via digital media, throwing ideas at Ripe over what they should put in the box with him, what he ought to eat, etc. If you're the person who comes up with the idea that gets the guy to run screaming from the box, you get the $100K.

Oh, also, some skateboarder named Danny Way wants to skate down the face of the Luxor in Vegas and jump the Sphinx. I'd pay to see that.