Wayne Auto Spa Raising Money to Fight the Power

I've talked about Rob Burke's environmentally-friendly car wash before.  (Disclaimer: I've done a good deal of marketing-related work for Wayne Auto Spa.)  They're up against an insane amount of red tape keeping Rob from installing a wind turbine at his facility.

Wayne Auto Spa uses solar panels to create clean electricity; cleanly burns used motor oil in special furnaces to heat its facility; recycles its water; uses biodegradeable soaps; and uses energy efficient lighting.  Rob really wants to turn the car wash into a model for other environmentally-friendly businesses.  Installation of the wind turbine is key to this effort.

Local town officials have thrown down the gauntlet in an effort to frustrate Rob's efforts.  By making the process very expensive, the township will likely force Rob to abandon his plans to further reduce Wayne Auto Spa's carbon footprint.

That is, unless we act.

We're hoping to raise a small amounts of money from a large number of people.  Call it fundraising Obama-style.  We need your help.

Donations to help fund the expensive local approval process, of as little as $5 can be made at www.wayneautospa.com via PayPal.