Weekend Highlights

Lots of work still going on in the house.  This weekend, I managed to get the 150-gallon aquarium out of Wading River and into my upstairs office.  It's filled and there's fish in it, which is great.  My sump pump burned out, but I was able to find a replacement in the shed, of all places.  Evidently, the prior owner had been using a low-powered sump pump to take rainwater off the pool cover, a task to which it was definitely not suited.  But it served the purpose of pumping water through my wet-dry filtration system nicely. I also tore down my quad and emptied all the old gas this weekend.  It still won't start - the battery won't hold a charge.  I need to scoop up a new battery this week.  I need an oil change sometime soon as well, and at some point the rear shock needs rebuilding - badly.

Last night, I bought a copy of Lost Planet: Extreme Condition for my XBox 360. The game got mixed reviews on many review sites, but I played the demo in Best Buy and decided it would be fun to waste a couple hours dispatching overgrown insects with rocket launchers and whatnot.  The game is insane.  I can't wait to play again.