Political E-mail Stepping Up

I get e-mail from both the Republicans and the Democrats. The Republicans think I'm still a Republican. And the Democrats seem to think I'm a guy who will write them checks regularly. I usually get something from the Republicans 2-3 times a month. The Democrats would send something 3-4 times a week, until they hit primary season. Now, the e-mails are coming several times a day. At some point, John Edwards must've gotten his mitts on the DCCC e-mail list. His campaign e-mails me at least once a day looking for donations. The DCCC e-mails at least once a day, also looking for donations. They keep it fresh by having different politicians, analysts, campaign strategists and Democratic Party superstars write the e-mails.

But they all say essentially the same thing - Thanks for donating in the past. Please donate more.

Lately, I see Cloudmark has been filtering Edwards to the trash. I'm guessing that a P2P network that is presumably divided in its political leanings will probably ID most of the political e-mails as spam, since Republicans will hit the "Block" button when they see communications from the Democrats and vice versa. Shouldn't be long now before all of them are filtered out.