What a difference

I've been looking at the ads I've been getting on Facebook lately. It's almost humorous...the difference between the targeted flyers and ads, and the crummy banners sold by MSN. Over the past couple days I found myself clicking on ads for Cloverfield (which I'm dying to see) and for a Star Trek ringtone. (Holy crap. I can't believe I'm clicking on banner ads.) Both were ads obviously targeted at me via interest, based on my profile data. Today, I got a banner ad advertising some sort of diabetes site. When I clicked on the ad, I was taken to a pharmaceutical company site and asked to provide information on what I use to treat my diabetes. I don't have the disease. I hopefully never will. So what, was a planning agency stupid enough to run a pharma ad in an ROS capacity across Facebook without targeting it?

Whatever the case, I find display ads of no interest to me, and flyer/news feed ads that are incredibly relevant. Facebook is doing a great job of targeting advertising. Their buddies at MSN? Not so much.