Kate Pic of the Day

Sometimes my daughter makes this face.  And it makes her look like Yoda.

I have a confession.  There is no Black Sabbath onesie.  Actually, I was looking at a Black Sabbath one and a Led Zeppelin one in the shop in Austin, and I put the Black Sabbath one back in favor of the Led Zep one.  Unfortunately, when I bought the Led Zep onesie, I didn't know what I was doing with respect to baby clothes, so I bought a size she probably can't wear for at least a few months.

I did, however, order Black Sabbath and AC/DC outfits from these guys.  However, they ran out of stock on the particular AC/DC outfit I wanted and this delayed the shipment.  Maybe it will get here before the weekend.  I doubt it.

When it gets here, though, I'll snap a pic, since most of you voted that way in the poll.