We're Back...

So I was like, "My site is down, dude..."  and Hostway was all like "You're on our Red Hat servers, right?" and then I was all like, "I guess." And then they were all like "That's our OLD operating system, man.  We don't even, like, SUPPORT that anymore."  And I was like, "You bogus dirtbags.  You broke it.  Fix it."

And then they were like, "You have to upgrade to this Debian thing to get your site running again.  KthxBye."

So then I was like, "Shyeah..right."

And then they were like, "We're a bunch of l33t hax0Rs and crap.  We could totally pwn your credit rating."

So I was like, "Do the upgrade, man.  Do the upgrade."

So we had to go away for a few days, which deprived you of your opportunity to see new Kate pics.  As you can see, she's clearly been working on her guitar face.  I think she's got it nailed better than Stevie Ray or even Yngwie.  Note the devil horns.  What kid do you know that makes devil horns before she's even six weeks old?  Ronnie James Dio would be proud.  Give this little chick a Les Paul and a Marshall and she's going to TOTALLY RAWK OUT!!!

Kate makes Guitar Face