Contract Rider Suggestions

Susan Bratton wants me to appear on DishyMix. Truth be told, I've been bugging Susan to join her in the studio for a while, since I'm a fan.  One of her latest tweets indicated she wants me to be on the show, so now I'm all giddy and stuff.

Let's find out what we can get away with.  You know how rock stars get to ask for all sorts of outlandish crap in their contract riders?  Let's do one for my appearance on DishyMix.  Submit what you think I should ask for in comments.  Please be original.  No brown M&Ms clauses.  And nothing too outlandish.  I doubt Susan has an expansive budget for these things.

I'll start:

Clause #1 - There will be beer.  It will be billed to Hespos' T&E account, but by golly, there will be beer present in the studio at all times.