Interactive Annoyances

Post your favorite interactive annoyances here.  Some of my pet peeves:

  • "Broadband" is not synonymous with "High-speed Internet."  Tons of people use it that way, though.  "Broadband" refers to a connection that can carry several types of services.  "High-speed" refers to a fast connection.  It's funny to listen to industry pundits talk about broadband connections as the things that will give rise to widespread adoption of Internet video.  No.  Broadband connections let us do things like get TV signals, Internet access and phone lines over the same network.
  • If we compare the Internet penetration of two markets against a numerical scale with the national average represented by the number 100, we're looking at an index.  If we're looking at two or more of them, they're "indices."  Not "indexes."  And there's no such thing as a singular "indice."
  • If you're following an interesting conversation on an e-mail list, message board, blog or other two-way medium that displays a series of "posts" from various individuals, yoiu're following a "thread," not a "string."  They're called "threaded discussions," not "stringed discussions."

Post yours here.  And please don't get into the "mediums" thing.  Rick Bruner and I went several rounds on that over a decade ago on the O-A List.  It's been done to death.