Cry Me A River

There's a story up on the section front of Yahoo! Finance from U.S. News entitled "3 Ways the Economic Crisis Is Destroying Baby Boomer Retirement."  Are you kidding  me? How about a story entitled "No One Born After The Baby Boom Will Know What The Word 'Retirement' Means" running in that spot?  We just went through a period of prosperity where Baby Boomers were able to cash out of their homes at ridiculously overinflated prices, buy new ones in states with no state income tax and sock the rest away in the bank.  And I'm supposed to feel guilty they lost some of it in the stock market?  Oh, cry me a river.

What about the rest of us?  You know, the people who couldn't get a house bigger than a shack for under $400,000 for the past seven years because we had to fund retirement for the Baby Boomers?  We might have more time to invest, but what the heck is that worth now that we've mortgaged our futures in an attempt to prop up the economy?  Baby Boomers will be out of the workforce before that impact is fully felt.

What about the rest of us, who wonder whether social security will even be around when we reach the age at which the Baby Boomers expect to retire?  Fat chance we're going to see that money.

So your retirement isn't going as planned, huh?  What about me and people my age?  Will we be able to retire at all?