Slowly and Surely

I thought most of the work on the house would have to get done on weekends and Summer Fridays.  But thanks to summer daylight hours, I can usually get a few minor things done when I get home from work.  I can't save a major project like spackling and sanding for a weeknight, but I can do a few small projects.  Last night was a good example.  Lauren picked up the baby and I rototilled the new garden area.  We ordered dinner in and then put some chairs together that we ordered from  Then I went out back again and started fencing in the garden.  (By the weekend, it should be ready for planting.)  I am going to have to replace a sprinkler head I hit with the rototiller, but truth be told, it needed to go up on a riser anyway and I was probably going to have to switch to a shrub head, so I'm not mad I hit it. I didn't have to go to Home Depot, but that's only because I had already bought the sprinkler parts and garden soil I needed, and already had the fencing and stakes from the old house.  So it's only advance plannig that kept me away from my big orange friend last night.

I'm going to be posting some pictures of the new place soon, but I wanted to make sure we charged Lauren's digital SLR camera and got some decent shots.  Give me a couple days.