What Was Your Favorite Toy?

Weird stream of consciousness at about 7:30 this morning.  I was thinking about how much cooler toys used to seem back when I was in the target market.  Big Wheels, Star Wars action figures, slot cars, Stretch Armstrong, etc. - All these things would get me really excited when I was a kid. So then I started thinking about whether kids today would get excited about toys I had during the 1970s.  And I was thinking I'd do a little experiment: Get Kate a vintage 1970s toy and see if she spends as much time with it as she spends with her other stuff.

So then I was thinking Weebles, because they'd be too big for Kate to swallow and they don't have any moving parts.  I remember digging Weebles when I was, like, three.

So I logged on to eBay.  And there are a few vintage Weeble auctions going on.  I can't seem to win one to save my life.  I bid up a set of five or six of the little bastards to over $20, only to find out someone else wanted them more.  No way I'm paying more than $20 for a set of plastic eggs left over from 1973.

But I still want some vintage Weebles.  So I'm opportunistically bidding.

Tell me, what was the first toy you remember having?