List of Complaints Du Jour

Lots of things going on, as usual.  And because the tasks are piling up, so is my general list of maladies and complaints:

  1. Dear Best Buy, CostCo and all other brick-and-mortar retailers - I bring the product to the register and pay for it.  You give me my receipt.  Transaction over.  No, you can't peer through my bags to see whether or not I'm stealing something.  (Oh, and nobody's buying that "We're making sure you got the right item" bullcrap, either.  If I didn't have the right item, I wouldn't have brought it to the counter.)  You can't stand in my way and block my exit until I give you a receipt, either.  Think I stole something?  Call a cop.  You don't get to BE the cop.
  2. Dear New Next-Door Neighbor - Keeping pets requires responsibility beyond leaving giant mounds of cat food on your porch outside for the cats that live in the woods behind your property.  You're supposed to make sure they're spayed/neutered, get them their shots and keep them off other people's property (namely, mine).  You can't have it both ways such that you feed them, cuddle them, etc. but bear no responsibility for what they do.
  3. Dear Mother Nature - Make up your mind regarding whether or not you want to wash out the weekend.  This "two hours of sun followed by two hours of rain and then back to sun" thing is getting old.  My vegetable garden looks like the mud pit at a monster truck rally.  And, please don't wait until I've brought a bunch of boxes out of the garage into the driveway before you decide to make it rain again.  Can I have a sunny weekend, please?  It, is, after all the second half of June, not the beginning of April.
  4. Dear Guy at the Brookhaven Town Dump - It sucks that I got there five minutes after closing.  You don't have to shoot me a self-satisfied smile at me as you're closing the gate in my face.
  5. Dear Brookhaven Sanitation Workers - If you're not going to pick up two tall kitchen trash bags filled with ordinary household trash, I need to know why.  You can't just skip my house for garbage pickup and leave me wondering whether I did anything wrong.  (Was I supposed to put pink bows on the bags?)