Remember the Commodore 64?

Anybody remember what goofiness was required to display what was on a given floppy disk on a Commodore 64?  I spent many hours playing/copying games back in the early 1980s on one of these machines, and I remember how you used to have to load directories from disk and then use a LIST command to see them.

LOAD "$",8

I also remember that when you got a fresh game from the store, you'd pop the disk in the drive and type

LOAD "*",8,1

which loaded the game program into the appropriate memory.  Problem is, sometimes you'd absentmindedly add the ",1" to the request for the disk directory when you wanted to see what was on the disk and end up accidentally causing a cavalcade of junk characters to end up all over the screen.  This article does an awesome job of explaining why that happened, as well as some other interesting things about how the C-64 worked.

Brings back memories of spending long hours locked in my basement with my Commodore, and of using a hole puncher to turn single-sided disks into double-sided ones.  :-)