Kate's First Birthday Party

ooh_icing So we lucked out and got the one weekend day thus far this summer that actually got sun.  The party was lots of fun.  Some answers to frequently-asked questions:

1) Yes, we hired a Backyardigan to play with the kids.  Actually, so we don't get Cease & Desist notices from Viacom, we hired a "Backyard Friend."  Its name was Uniqua.  She's the pink and purple ladybug, not the hippo or the kangaroo.

2) No, we didn't kick the keg.  This was largely Bub's fault.  His excuse?  "I just wasn't feelin' it..."

3) Kate loved it.  Yes, she made a big mess with her cake.

4) There was enough parking, the lawn came in enough to actually be able to call it a lawn and not "a big pile of dirt with a couple sprigs of grass coming out of it," and no one got nailed with an errant horseshoe.  There were no major disasters of any kind.

5) More photos are available here.

Thanks to everyone for coming!