Moving...Slowly But Surely

Mom came in today to help me move some stuff that I don't want the movers to touch. I already moved most of my guitars and my main keyboard, but there are some other things that are best handled by me.

We emptied the smaller fish tank and carried it downstairs. Mom is still surprisingly strong at age 61 - she helped me carry the tank down three flights of stairs and get it into the car. We put some more stuff in and sent her on her way back to Wading River.

I'm leaving shortly in my own car to take some other stuff. I have three boxes of wine and booze that need to come with me. It's funny - you go out to the North Fork to visit the wineries, your friends give you bottles of liquor when they come to visit - next thing you know you have this huge collection of booze. I'm not one to sit around and drink when I get home from work (there's a case of beer that's been in my fridge for over a year), so the only time this stuff ever gets drank is when I have to take a bottle over to a friend's house or when Sara comes over and is in the mood for wine.

When I get home later, it's time to take apart the home network. I'll still be blogging a bit, though, since there are 9 (count 'em - nine) unprotected wireless networks in this building, most of which I can easily glom onto.