Somebody Please Clone Me

This morning, I had two appointments on my calendar. It was supposed to be a relatively light day, and I made arrangements to leave early so that I could kill two birds with one stone - meet with our contractor out in Wading River and simultaneously transport the carnivorous fishies to their new home in the tank I set up in the garage in Wading River.

When I got to the office this morning, the calls started rolling in. We landed a new client (Yay!), then two existing clients wanted to have conference calls, then a partner company wanted to discuss a product development idea I came up with. Now, the rest of my day looks like this...

2:30 PM - Rep meeting
3:00 PM - Client conference call
4:00 PM - Leave the office, go to Petland Discounts and get something to transport my fish in
4:30 PM - Update new client with progress on their media research request
5:00 PM - Product development conference call
6:00 PM - Leave for Wading River with fish
8:00 PM - Arrive in Wading River, acclimate fish, meet with the contractor
10:00 PM - Leave Wading River
12 midnight - Get back to my apartment, tie up any loose ends from today, sleep

How would someone get all of this done without the use of mobile technology? (Or cloning?)