An Analogy

In discussing Jon Stewart (and all the ruckus he's creating) this morning, I offered up the following to Jim:

Jon Stewart is to politics what Carson Daly was to music three years ago.

Probably not the most perfect analogy, but note the similarities:

  1. Jon Stewart and his show are the focal point for the younger generation's understanding of politics these days. As much as we might hate Carson Daly, he was in much the same position vis-a-vis music a few years back.
  2. Younger folks are seemingly getting the majority of their political news and views from a single show on cable. Sound like the same function TRL served just a few years ago?
  3. Didn't music fans worry terribly about what would happen with so many youngsters being spoon-fed from one source? And what's happening to Jon Stewart these days? Everyone's talking about his connection to the younger generation and how much influence he has.

Of course, the glaring problem with this analogy is that Jon Stewart is cool whereas Carson Daly honks big time. But I think my analogy holds up in other areas.