Home Depot's New Ad Campaign

I have a new tagline for The Home Depot. Well, maybe it's not new. In fact, it borrows from an old Lay's Potato Chip slogan: "No One Can Eat Just One." The Home Depot - Betcha Can't Go Just Once.

The task was simple. Install a new faucet in the bathroom. I've done this countless times and it's easy. (Unless you don't have all the parts you need.)

So I pull the old faucet and the sink basin is all corroded on the bottom and it's ready to go. So off to the Home Depot I go. I get a new sink and head back to the house.

Turns out the drain stem is 1 1/4" and the trap is 1 1/2". So back to the Home Depot I go. For a 99-cent washer.

Turns out the old trap is too short to reach the new drain stem. So back to the Home Depot I go. For a $1.99 length of pipe.

Turns out the new sink has no retention clips in the box. So back to the Home Dep- nah, fuck it. Everybody deal with it! I'm knocking off this gig to eat pistachio nuts and watch football.