I Don't Care Who Gets Embarrassed

As the investigation into the U.N. Oil-For-Food scandal intensifies, I can't believe how politically charged the news reporting is getting. These articles have undertones of "Take THAT, liberals. The UN that you love so much is more corrupt than Tammany Hall and that Clinton guy you've elevated to sainthood has blood on his hands." Yesterday's front-page article in the NY Post was especially atrocious, with the reporter calling Bill Clinton's pardon of Marc Rich "Pardongate" and making more references to the pardon than was probably necessary. Instead of telling us more about Rich, who he is and what he does, the reporter wasted too many paragraphs sketching out the relationship between Rich and the Clintons. And the fact that Rich allegedly did this stuff AFTER he was pardoned doesn't seem to deter the reporter from suggesting as many connections to the Clintons as possible - the pardon, the campaign gifts, etc. Let me be clear about this. I don't care whether Hillary and Bill cashed in a voucher themselves. Just find the people responsbile who benefitted illegally from Saddam's oil vouchers (whoever they may be), arrest them and bring them to trial. And recover as much of the money as possible.

Foreign government officials and rich folks in the U.S. alike profited from this situation illegally. I don't care who gets embarrassed by revelations of impropriety. Just identify the guilty parties and bring them to justice, preferably with a minimum of partisan gloating.