Dumped On!


We're getting simply pummeled by snow right now.

Craig swung by to pick up Rob and me around 3 PM. Rob and I did some woods riding while he got used to riding a quad again, and Dennis and Craig hit some other trails. After about an hour, Rob had had enough fun and decided to head home. I met up with Craig and Dennis and we did some more woods riding.

It wasn't long before the woods trails became buried in deep snow and we started moving out to the surface streets. Despite a state of emergency declared in Suffolk County, there were still quite a few folks out in cars. But most of the vehicles we did see on the streets were plow trucks and large 4x4s.

Some of the parking lots had at least 6 inches by 5 PM. We made a circle track in one of them (see pic).

By around 6 PM, the snow was starting to get too deep on the surface streets for even the quads. We were making it up hills, but fishtailing all over the place. We started to see snowmobiles out and about as well.

Craig had a bit of a nasty spill barreling down one of the back streets. He went from a plowed area into an unplowed one with a big snow drift and flipped over. Fortunately, he was okay.

I went outside briefly a few minutes ago and I can't see the birdbath on the front lawn. I'm wondering how I'm going to get to work on Monday... The snow is not supposed to stop until after sundown tomorrow and I wouldn't even THINK of trying to take a car out in the snow that's already on the ground.

We put some de-icer down on the driveway before the snow started up, so hopefully that should make shoveling tomorrow not as bad as it might otherwise be.

I have some big client meetings and things due on Monday. Looking out the window right now, I can't help but think I don't have a prayer of making it out of here and I might have to work from home. I guess we'll see what tomorrow will bring... (Other than getting in some more riding time, I mean.)