Where's the Pool?


Took this pic on Saturday from my window. (Sorry for the screen marks.)

Anyway, the snow was already deep enough at that point that you couldn't even tell that there was a pool in the back yard.

Monday morning's commute was hell. Got the car out of the driveway okay, but I was doing a significant amount of skidding and fishtailing on the secondary roads. The LIE was fine, but I lost traction a few times on the William Floyd Parkway and on 35th and 27th streets once I got into Manhattan. I would have taken the train today, but we have an afternoon meeting at a client in NJ and need to drive there.

Something's wrong with my quad again. After a weekend of romping around in the snow, I think it fouled another plug. Only one way to tell...take apart the whole machine again. We'll save that for weekend after next, when I have some time.