The Driller Killer

When I used to go to the videostore when I was a kid to rent videocassettes, there was this stupid horror movie that no one ever checked out called The Driller Killer. I was reminded of this ugly little film as I was coming back from the range on Sunday and it started to feel as if someone was taking a 3/8" Speedbor to my right temple. Evidently, this was my first migraine ever. And it came at a really bad time, when I was just getting over this nasty cold I've been harboring for a week.

As we left the range, I felt sharp pains in my temple that were so excruciating that I held my head in my hand and had to rub my temple repeatedly. That was the only thing that made the pain manageable. If I stopped rubbing it, even for a second, the pain became unbearable. When I got back to the house, I immediately downed three aspirin and helped Craig put new mud flaps on his truck in the driveway. Craig finished up in about 15 minutes and I went inside to rest. About two hours later, the pain was still completely over the top, so I took two Aleve.

I laid down for another few hours and Kim gave me two Excedrin Migraine pills at about 7. This brought the pain down to a manageable level for a bit, but it still felt like the Driller Killer was going to town on my temple. Mom and Kim think I need to get over my distrust of doctors and head over to the Walk-In Medical place. I fell asleep until about 11, when I woke up in significant pain again. Somehow I managed to get back to sleep.

This morning, the headache is still with me, but the pain isn't nearly as bad as yesterday. I'm hoping this thing goes away soon, otherwise I'll probably end up going to the doctor.

My experience with doctors over the past few years is that there's not much they can do for you unless the problem is completely obvious, like you have a railroad spike driven through your forearm or something like that. And if there's one thing I can't stand, it's being in pain while doctors who are supposed to know what they're doing are scratching their heads and trying to speculate on what's wrong while they send you for expensive test after expensive test. Soon, though, I might not have a choice but to go in and let them poke me with needles and whatnot.