Media Buying Asshattery

Any of you other media buyers noticing that some of the asshattery of the mid- to late 90s is starting to creep back into the industry? I'm noticing a bunch of reps starting to pitch inventory with 1998-esque terms and conditions, among them:

  • Noncancelable impressions
  • Ridiculous payment terms (lots of $$$ up front)
  • "Must take" inventory - totally undesirable ROS crap like chat and mail

It's really frustrating that we built relationships back up after getting burned by many of the dot coms in the 90s and now we're back to the same behavior that caused those relationships to go south in the first place.

I'm completely uninterested in revisiting the Myer Berlow days of "What? You want to negotiate this? Your CPM just doubled..."

Anyone else seeing crapola like this?