Anti-Theft System Locks ME Out More Than Car Thieves

My Corvette has been in and out of the shop recently due to a problem with the anti-theft system. Last time I had to bring my car in, I broke down at the train station because of a defect that caused the anti-theft system to lock the steering column. The techs at Hustedt Chevrolet supposedly performed the service, which was covered by a recall no one told me about. The latest problem has made it impossible to start the car with a key. I can pop-start it if I happen to be on a hill, but I can't get the starter to engage. Ramp Chevrolet tells me it's due to the anti-theft system again. It's at least three hours' worth of work to take apart the dash and get to the electrical short that needs to be addressed. Fun, fun, fun.

Makes me wonder whether Hustedt screwed up the recall work.