Spam Is Spam Is Spam

I've started labeling newsletters (even ones supposedly "relevant" to my industry) that I've been force-subscribed to as spam within Cloudmark's SpamNet. Especially if the newsletter publisher absolutely refuses to unsubscribe me. I wish more people would use P2P solutions for keeping spam out of their inboxes. One of the biggest differences between P2P solutions and others is that it democratizes the process of determining whether or not a sender is a spammer. I think that makes the penalties for force-subscribing people to newsletters much more strict - if enough people decide that the newsletter publisher isn't playing by the rules, the newsletter isn't received by anyone who subscribes to the P2P tool. And getting unblocked isn't as simple as calling some ISP or blacklist provider and getting whitelisted again - it will be re-building reputation to the point at which a majority of P2P users whitelist a publisher.