Why Does Healthy Fast Food Seem An Impossible Dream?

There are a lot of people like me who are usually too busy for a sit-down meal during the course of the business day. We want food on the run, or at least something that can come back to the office with us and be easily consumed at one's desk. And we don't want to wait for it. After all, if we had the time to wait, why would we be eating at our desks during lunch? But almost all the fast food out there seems to be empty calories. It doesn't need to be. Why does all fast food rice need to be the starchy kind instead of the whole grain wild rice? Wild rice would be so much healthier, and I'm sure most people would love the taste.

Why does all bread need to be made with enriched white flour? Why are there no whole grain rolls for grilled chicken sandwiches? Furthermore, why does all meat need to be prepared in some sort of sugar-saturated marinade or sauce? Why can't it be prepared with some basic spices and herbs and some lemon juice?

I'm against the fast food lawsuits, but something is wrong when the market for junk food dominates the market for healthy food and makes it almost nonexistent. I'm not for messing with the free market too much, but we've got to see some alternatives here.

With the success of Whole Foods, and the realization that people will pay a good deal extra for healthy foods than they might have otherwise, why isn't there a healthy fast food place? Makes me wonder if something else is at work here.

If we could just get rid of the empty calories and bad carbs, that would be such a huge step in the right direction.