Media Consumption Habits Flip-Flopping Again

I'm very surprised that I will actually pay $2 per episode for a TV show I can get at home for free. But I do. My latest addiction is downloading Season 2 episodes of "Lost" on iTunes and watching them on the train on my laptop. If you recall, I watched the pilot on my PSP and got addicted to the series, eventually buying the Season 1 DVDs and watching the whole season. After finishing that up, I wondered how I was going to catch up with Season 2. Question answered. I'm all caught up now, but I don't get home in time most Wednesday nights to watch, so I see a good number of iTunes episodes in my future.

Two observations:

1) iTunes should sell subscriptions to this stuff, so when the new episodes come out, they automatically download like a podcast. (Maybe they do this already, I dunno...)

2) If I were smart, I'd go to CompUSA right now and buy a Slingbox before I spend what I would have spent on the hardware on content.