I Liked Steve on ATS

So I listened to Steve Hall joining Mr. Jaffe on Across The Sound last night, and I think he did a good job. I particularly enjoyed the bit about contrasting how MSM publications and blogs deal with their competition. I've always looked at the Internet in general as this red-headed stepchild that MSM marketing trade publications want to touch as little as possible. Sort of like the notion that you want to clean the birdshit off your windshield when a seagull craps on it, but you want to spend the least possible amount of time actually cleaning it off.

Of course, MSM publications have, on occasion, embraced blogs and the Citizen Publishing movement, but only to the extent that they hope some of the "cool factor" will rub off on them. They typically don't embrace some of the cornerstone values of the movement, including transparency, giving credit where credit is due, and having actual conversations via comments/trackbacks/etc.

Anyway, back to Steve. I think he was comfortable in his own skin and certainly knowledgable. I dug the history of AdRants portion. Wonder what other folks are thinking abou his performance... I guess we'll find out next week when Jaffe reveals the results of the survey.