Trackback Spammers Must Die

No Trackback spams ever see the light of day on my site. They're held up by MT-Moderate. But as soon as I delete them from the moderation queue, whatever script the spammers are using "notices" that they've been deleted and replaces them with 10 new Trackback spams. Neither of us is accomplishing our goal here. And no one is backing down. I'm not letting the spams through to the site, but evidently the Trackback spammers have decided that even if they have no prayer of getting their spam through, that doesn't allow me to escape harrassment.

What sucks about this is that spammers are completely ruining the ability of blogs to have conversations that span across multiple blogs and are easily tracked to the beginning of the thread. I think this is very damaging to interaction and it really bothers me.

Somebody needs to figure out a solution to all this.