First Messings With GarageBand

Last weekend, I was playing around in the basement and I decided to lay down an instrumental that I wrote many years ago. It's this acoustic guitar tune I often play when warming up. I always heard it in my head as something you'd play for a young kid (a new nephew?), kind of like when Eddie Van Halen played "3:16" for his son, Wolfgang. Anyway, after messing with it a while, I added some more instrumentation, which is all me. For the acoustic guitar, I used my Brian Moore C-90P, with the piezos run right into the input jack of my Mac's USB soundcard. There's a clean electric guitar there, too (faintly in the background), for which I also used the Brian Moore, but with the magnetic pickups. I played the drums and did my best to quantize them. There's also the Warwick bass I bought from a client about a year ago - Yep, that's a real bass, and I've never played bass before. There's a keyboard line in there, too.

Check it out: Alex's Lullaby Groove (MP3, 2.3 MB)